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Follow these steps to apply

Applying for graduate studies at San Diego State University is a THREE step process

STEP 1: Apply to the university

Apply to the university using Cal State Apply.

Please note: After you apply, you will receive your SDSU Red ID -- Your Red ID is required to submit your program application.

If you have not received your Red ID within 10-15 business days of applying, please contact the Graduate Admissions - Prospective Student Center. Red IDs may be issued anywhere between 1 and 15 business days, depending on when you apply. We recommend submitting your Cal State Apply application as soon as possible to ensure you receive your Red ID on time.

To check the status of your university application, please check WebPortal.

Step 2: Submit Official Test Scores and Transcripts

Official test scores and transcripts must to be sent to Graduate Admissions.

Graduate Admissions
San Diego State University
5500 Campanile Drive
San Diego, CA 92182-7416

SDSU Institution Code (GRE and TOEFL): 4682

Further details can be found on the Graduate Admissions website.

To check the status of your transcripts and test scores, please check WebPortal.

Step 3: Complete Program Application

Program applications may require letters of recommendation, essays, writing samples, additional questions, or other information requested by the program.

Please select your program to access the program application. Click on your program's college to display a list of the programs.

College of Education
Administration, Rehabilitation, and Postsecondary Education (ARPE)
Postsecondary Educational Leadership: Specialization in Student Affairs (MA)
Supported Employment and Transition Specialist (Certificate)
Rehabilitation Technology (Certificate)
Child and Family Development
Early Childhood - TEAMH (Certificate)
Child Development (MS)
Child Development: Early Childhood Mental Health (MS - LPCC)
Counseling and School Psychology (CSP)
Mental Health Recovery & Trauma Care (Certificate)
Marriage & Family Therapy (MS)
Multicultural Community Counseling (Community Based Block) (MS)
School Counseling (MS)
Education: Counseling (MA)
School Psychology (EdS)
Dual Language & English Learner Education (DLE)
Dual Language for Academic Literacy (Certificate)
English Language Development for Academic Literacy (Certificate)
Dual Language & English Learner: Critical Literacy and Social Justice (MA)
Teaching Preliminary: Bilingual Multiple Subject Instruction (Credential)
Teaching Preliminary: Bilingual Single Subject Instruction (Credential)
Educational Leadership (EDL)
Educational Leadership (PreK -12) (MA)
Educational Leadership: School Leadership (PreK-12) (EdD)
Preliminary Administrative Services (Credential)
School of Teacher Education (STE)
Reading Education (MA)
Reading (Certificate)
Reading/Language Arts Specialist (Certificate)
Teaching Preliminary: Multiple Subject Instruction (Credential)
Teaching Preliminary: Single Subject Instruction (Credential)
Teaching: Math and Science Focus (MA)
Teaching: Language Arts Education (Summer Only) (MA)
Teaching (MAT) - Online
Special Education (SPED)
Behavior Analysis (Certificate)
Early Childhood Special Education (Certificate)
Special Education: Autism (MA)
Special Education: Early Childhood (Credential)
Special Education: Mild/Moderate Disabilities (Credential)
Special Education: Moderate/Severe Disabilities (Credential)

Note: If you do not see your program listed, please visit the department website or the Graduate Admissions website for further information.